Journey of a Necklace @Swoon Jewelry Studios

I took on a metal smithing internship at Swoon Jewelry Studios with Sahra and Jessie when my youngest daughter went off to kindergarten in the fall of Jewelry Making Boulder Cut-out2013.  The fabulous ladies of Swoon were long standing clients of a Mellow Mood Spa and I couldn’t have been happier learning something new and spending more time with them.

I started with making chains and earrings and moved into cutting shapes out of 20 gauge sterling silver. My first test was a cross.  Yep, totally did not look like a cross when I was done.

Fast forward to today as I’m putting together a Hawaii inspired collection,  implementing the skills Swoon has taught me.  I first visited the Islands at 25 Boulder Jewelry Hawaiiand fell in love with the unique energy each Island possesses. With this energy in mind, I created the Big Island necklaces.  One for the Hilo side, more lush, green and rainy and one for the Kona side, filled with black lava fields.

Next, I cut out a mama whale and her baby, to be worn together on 16″ and 18″ delicate chains.  These needed to be filed by hand a bit as not to look like sperm.  That was a laughter filled day at the jewelry studio!

My last piece is a hand cut manta ray charm.  On my previous visit to the Big Island a group of us went to swim with the manta rays after sunset.  They didn’t show for us! All I got was seaweed all stuck in my long hair.

I so enjoyed making this collection and can’t wait to go back to Hawaii this May.

Check us out at Swoon Jewelry Studios in downtown Louisville, Colorado.

About the author:

HeatherLyn is a co- founder of Joy Collective Wellness Center and lead massage therapist of a Mellow Mood

Spa for Mamas and their Families.

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