Waking up at Waipi’O

Face down on my beach towel, forehead pressed into black, compact sand. A cool, solid wind whips against my back, spitting flecks of sand across the sides of my cheeks.

Bottom cheeks included.Waipi-O-2016

A good girlfriend convinced me into trying a way smaller swim bottom than my usual go to. My husband concurred.
As I lay there the heat from the sand warms my whole underside, with no sun blaring on the other side.
Waipi’O Valley is a place where healers live, vibrant colored vegetable gardens and wild horses walk along the road at the bottom.

Said road? A one-way width 1 mile down. .5 mile out to the waves breaking.
On this day, we must walk the road down. It is a challenge making the journey to the black sand beach. Watching the view on the way down (45°angle) was worth pausing for. Thank goodness.

Entering the valley the air is thick. Warm. The path in is muddy and washed out in places. We find sticks to walk on to get around. The trail opens up to the water line and the wind is all of a sudden, fierce. The water is too wild to enter. Ha! Too wild today. Kinda like my attitude that morning on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I’m back to lying face down on the sand. I turn my head to the left. I see a small waterfall making its way down the giant Valley wall.

I turn my head right. More waterfalls. My breath comes easy. Breath in, breath out. Slow way down. I feel the peaceful vibe but also the wild pulse of the Valley.

It’s time to walk away. The walk back up will be more challenging than coming down to the speed of the Valley. I remind myself to breathe. Breath in. Breath out.