A week’s worth of leggings

Ok. So I am not a leggings kind of a girl. I’m not from California. I’m a Chicago girl.

I live in denim. I work in denim.

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I found myself buying leggings for my 11year old daughter.

I was checking out a Laulau

joint that my friend found on a travel channel show.  While we waited for our food, we shopped a random rack of clothing on the wall across from the register. My girlfriend  recognized the brand, LuLaRoe.  It’s like the new version of Tupperware parties. 

” You must try the leggings”, she said.

” I know we came to Hawaii to buy other souvenirs but the prints for these leggings are like a cult following “

I grabbed a red, white and blue print mini size and a black pair for myself. After a long Green Beach day and a shower, I put on said black leggings.

Pretty amazing. BTW, so was that Laulau.

After Hawaii, I was invited to join a multi consultant Facebook flash sale site for LuLaRoe.  I was not prepared for what was going to transpire. 

You join the secret group.

Then they approve you and you click on the group at  specified date and time. You must set your alarm. These ladies are serious.

Comment Sold. Click picture link to claim. Fast, Fast. Click. 1,000 of each print are made, limited edition. A few for me, a few for my daughters and some outrageous prints for my girlfriends. Sweats and denim make room for leggings?!

A few days later the packages started arriving. Pretty pink packages with tons of fun printed leggings inside. A whole weeks worth. I’ve heard there are Boulder consultants. Tupperware party time Mellow mamas.