Take a Break with me

Time to relax sounds amazing. 

Leaving from a massage and feeling better also sounds Amazing to Me!…..

My name is HeatherLyn

I’m a hands- on learner.
I like to take on projects and side jobs..
that push me out of my comfort zone.
Sometimes I push myself way out there.
A Farmers market manager and a metal smithing internship come to mind.
My next project involves coffee and tea.  I’ve wanted to explore this one since college.
I love books, magazines and vinyl. And diamonds, of course. I’m currently studying Ayurvedic medicine for mothers. Ayurvedsadhana.com I excel at house call massages. I consider myself a bodywork Doula. I really enjoy the house calls for the partner and the new mama. Everyone feels better!
Need resources for other awesome childbirth services?  I’m your gal. Give me a call! Or even better? Come see me for a massage! I believe in continuous learning. I’ve studied English and Theatre in college. I’ve been to massage school, a graduate program in prenatal and postpartum massage, and I am a liscened nail technician. My favorite certifications were becoming a birth doula and then an AyurDoula for Postpartum.

Married College
Sweetheart, Eric

2 Teenage Daughters,
Joey & Kate

2 Cats, Coco Chanel
& Louis Vuitton.

I’m one of five children.  
I grew up watching Cubs games in the Harry Caray days.
I make really good cookies.

Joey and Kate as little ones

Me and a younger brother, Big Joey

Me and my oldest brother Scott

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