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AyurMellow Postpartum Doula Services

What is an Ayurvedic Doula?

Ayurveda is a science for your mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda treats the individual with these 3 dimensions, placing emphasis on the prevention of diseases with the help of diet, daily routines and seasonal routines.
Ayurveda is the art of a good life and gentle healing. Originating in the Indian subcontinent, Ayurveda is a whole body health system focusing on rejuvenation and prevention with a unique dietary approach and daily routines based on the individual’s energy and body type make up or “Dosha”.
Everything in nature, including us, is made up of the same building blocks- proto-elements- air, fire, water, earth and space/ether. From the combination of these elements, 3 “Doshas” Vata, Pitta and Kapha are originated. Every person has a unique constitution that depends upon the right balance of the three doshas. Too much or too little of these may disturb the natural equilibrium of an organism and lead to diseases. Add strong elements to weak elements and homeostasis can be restored!
The goal of Ayurvedic Postpartum Care is to establish daily rituals and routines that can affect the new mother’s physical and emotional health, including proper nutrition and massage.

Boulder Ayurvedic Doula Services

Traditional 2 Day Ayurvedic Postpartum Care for Mothers

(2) day AyurMellow Treatment

(2) Days of back-to-back care Includes Ayurvedic Oil Massages, Ayurvedic herbs, teas, soup, ghee, and Ayurvedic breakfast.

Each visit is 4 1/2 hours


(4) Day AyurMellow Treatment

Our mini AyurMellow Treatment is 1 Ayurvedic doula day once a week for 4 weeks. Care Includes Ayurvedic Oil Massages, Ayurvedic herbs, teas, soup, ghee, and Ayurvedic breakfast.

Each visit is 4 1/2 hours


Beauty Doula Day

Tea Infusion, Herbal Milk, Ayurvedic Breakfast, Manicure and Pedicure, Rest for mama/baby care.

Visit is 4 hours



Tea Infusion, Herbal Milk, Ayurvedic Breakfast, Postpartum Massage, and rest for mama/baby care.

Visit is 4 hours


Please call HeatherLyn (303) 444-0919 to discuss an AyurDoula contract and pick dates of care. Typical bookings occur during your first 12 weeks of the postpartum period.

This is Not your Mother’s Postpartum

Postpartum can feel different.

Now you have someone to help you get there!

What is Ayurvedic Massage?

 This gentle, repetitive, warm, oily, nourishing sesame oil application supports deep mind body integration, rest and rejuvenation as it gently presses the tissues which have so many transitions and are at this time fragile, depleted and exhausted. It facilitates movement of fluids and wastes through their proper channels at a time when exercise is not indicated.
Gentle, extra focus on areas under extra workload includes hips, shoulders, neck, breasts, foot and hand reflex points, lower back, abdomen and emotional meridan points. Enough repetition of strokes and warmth supports lymph, circulation, muscles, organs, and other tissues with their work.

Oil Massage Benefits 


Expectations For the 2 day AyurMellow Treatment ~ 4 hours each day

First hour of my visit is checking in on mama and baby. Talking about the birth, feeding the baby and addressing questions related to post-birth care and the baby.

What to expect at an Ayurvedic Postpartum session

I am coming to care for you and the baby and to be a guide. I will help you process the birth, what new motherhood is like and discuss the unknown. You don’t have to worry about whether the baby is asleep, awake or crying. Don’t worry if baby needs Mama or vice versa!

Here’s the flow

Baby should be close by during the massage, like in the next room. Baby tends to be very reassured even in the next room, feeling mom relaxing deeply. Moms don’t want to be far from their baby. This treatment also has positions available for baby to feed or just be close to mama on the table.

Ayurveda at Your Door!

For times when physical support isn’t possible, but support is needed! Doulas offer emotional and informational guidance as well during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


Consultation with AyurDoula.

5 herbs to be used 4 ways as a tea, a rejuvenating milk, or in meals. Includes recipes.





Consultation with Dr. Bharat Vaidya and his team of Ayuvedic Practitioners.


Includes 2 weeks of herbs



 The above includes a 2 week supply of herbs and ghee that can be refilled when needed. 

Please call HeatherLyn (303) 444-0919 to coordinate.

Herbs you need for stressful times to maintain vitality and strength

Your Mobile Doula can deliver these helpful Herbs and others right to Your Door!


Complete online assessment to determine Ayurvedic constitution for herbs and how often to use them


We’ll Review + Consult with Dr Bharat Vaidya, a Western trained OB and Eastern trained Advanced Ayurvedic Physician for dosage and safety


Get Delivery to Your Door

Herbs taken in Tea form are not only nutritious and hydrating but the fastest means for these herbs to get into the channels of the body.

Ghee is abundant in good fats, a Clarifyied butter, when it’s made the milk solids are removed, so most people who are intolerant to lactose or casein can tolerate ghee.

Ghee absorbs immediately, quickly soothing the affected area and can be put directly on skin.

Great for abdominal colic in moms and babies and digestion.

Our ghees can be customized with digestive herbs as well!

Please call HeatherLyn (303) 444-0919 to order.

1. Single Stone For Birth

A lapis stone to wear during birth, on a strand of silk, feels as if it’s not even there! Great for moms and doulas!

2. Single Drop For Postpartum

A Lapis or Citrine stone briolette with a beautiful delicate 18″ chain All jewelry designs are in limited quantities, and are custom-made, each being a special one of a kind.

3. The Shield

A double stranded necklace of a Lapis briolette center stone with smaller Citrine rondelles and a Citrine briolette center stone with smaller Lapis rondelles.

4. Drops of Luck

Several briolettes of Lapis, wrapped in sterling silver, like drops of rain.

About the Stones

Lapis is a lucky stone, according to ancient Ayurvedic texts, moms would wear Lapis stones during delivery to protect themselves and give them strength of mind to rise to the challenge.

You will have a clear mind, Lapis will aid the wearer in decision-making. You will have the confidence and courage to go after what you want and have hope that everything will work out, no matter how hard it is going through it. For natural empaths, Lapis will shield you from taking on emotions and energies that are not yours.

Citrine is protective of the wearer, warding off any emotional threats and negative energies. The healing stone, it alleviates fatigue, battles fear, boosts self- confidence and encourages you to live a little and go with the flow. When lacking physical energy, Citrine gives a boost to push through.


I will be bringing Ayurvedic herbs, teas and ghee, individualized to Mother’s composition. I will be preparing a nourishing breakfast porridge, a soup if lunchtime or a rice dish. I can connect families with Postpartum doulas that offer in home meal cooking Ayurvedic and American styles.

My objective is to care for mom and baby. The baby is welcome on the massage table and can join us during my whole 4 hour visit. 

I am a licensed Massage Therapist 20 years of experience in Pregnancy, Postpartum and Delivery. I am a Birth Doula CD(DONA) and Postpartum Ayurveda Doula. I can reccomend digestive herbs for Pregnancy and Postpartum and will consult with Dr Bharat Vaidya, a Western trained OB and an Eastern trained Ayurvedic Practitioner for all other herbs that the family might be needing.

A minimum care contract with HeatherLyn is 2 days. We recommend starting with the AyurMellow 2 day and adding single days of care from there.

You can re-order more teas, ghee, herbs and jewelry at any point in Pregnancy and Postpartum time, right to your door.

Please book your services when mama would be 42 weeks, meaning her due date + 2 weeks.


My name is HeatherLyn

I am a massage therapist
A nail tech
Birth Doula
Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula
Mama to 2 daughters
Even after 20 years of prenatal massage experience and witnessing 60 births, I am still amazed at the beauty and power of our bodies.
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