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We don’t just massage mamas! We offer a variety of options for spouses, family members and everyone else.

  • The number of sauna cycles- going into the sauna and cooling down out of – and the duration of time in and out of, can vary from person to person based on preferences. When the heat becomes uncomfortable its time to step out and cool down
  • During a Sauna session heart rate increases 50-75%, similar to the increase created by a physical workout.
  • A luxurious sauna spa session can help loosen fat, decrease appearance of cellulite, relieve joint pain and fatigue.
  • Time tested aid for chest congestion, bronchitis and helping in the draining of the sinuses. Supports treatments for chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia and insomnia.
  • By applying heat to the body, blood vessels widen and open, improving blood circulation, causing sweating and detoxification for the body. Pollution in our environment leaves residue of synthetic chemicals and metals in our bodies that are fat- soluble, staying in the body where it has access to all organs and blood-brain and placental barriers.

You can wrap yourself in a towel inside the Sauna, or sit naked on top of the towel. You can also wear underwear, but no swim suits. You will have complete privacy.

A good shower, followed by drinking more water to rehydrate.  Slather on your favorite lotion and rest. If you feel dizzy, a bit if sugar and drink more water.

Mellow Massage

This massage is designed to energize the body, stimulate circulation, and may help speed healing from injuries. Relaxation with a light to medium pressure.

60 minutes $100.00

75 minutes $115.00

90 minutes $130.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage will use deep muscle massage techniques that affect the sublayer of the body’s musculature and fascia. This treatment helps with chronic pain and injury rehabilitation.

90 minutes $150.00

Combo Massage

A beautiful combination of swedish effleurage and deep tissue techniques for the perfect amount of relaxation and deeper work on specific areas

A spa “must try” to manage stress and combat fatigue.







Deluxe Spa Treatments

Sauna Session



Start with a rinse, 2 sauna cycles, another rinse and go!

Hot Massage



Start with a rinse, then relax in our hot rock heated wooden sauna. Another rinse, followed by a 60 minute Mellow massage.

Sauna Session for 2



The Sauna bookable for two. Come sauna and relax together. Start with a rinse, 2 Sauna cycles, another rinse and go!

3-Pack Massage Specials

3-Pack Mellow Massages

60 minutes $285.00

75 minutes $325.00

90 minutes $370.00

3-Pack Deep Tissue Massages

90 minutes $425.00

3-Pack Combo Massages

60 minutes $325.00

75 minutes $370.00

90 minutes $410.00

Packages are designed to be used throughout the year and are redeemable at this price point for 1 year from the purchase date.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Malia Van Rooy
Malia Van Rooy
I LOVE Heather so much!!! She is seriously one of my favorite people. I give her massages as gifts to my friends all the time because all of her massages, prenatal and postnatal, are awesome!!! When I am able to see her I feel renewed in every way, as she as a person is just as amazing as her massages💜
Beth Hoffman
Beth Hoffman
HeatherLynn is an amazing massage therapist. She made me feel calm and my body has never felt so relaxed. In this stressful time she is the best remedy.
Kate Ellis Jensen
Kate Ellis Jensen
Seriously just the best prenatal massage ever – totally caters to pregos, not a secondary thing like most massage places. I would see Heather Lynn every day if I could. Go go go!
Denise Fritz
Denise Fritz
Heather Lyn is best massage therapist in the area, specializes in pre natal and post natal massages.


My name is HeatherLyn

I am a massage therapist
A nail tech
Birth Doula
Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula
Mama to 2 daughters
Even after 20 years of prenatal massage experience and witnessing 60 births, I am still amazed at the beauty and power of our bodies.
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