Babies are welcome at a Mellow Mood! Our sessions have extra time built in to include baby’s needs! Baby can join us on the massage table either in side-lying or in semi-reclined positions, feeding and snuggling as needed!
We also have a private room at Joy Collective called the Quiet-ish Room for families to use to feed baby before and after or to have a loved one come and hold baby and bring baby to mama as needed! Babies love this bonding time during immediate postpartum and are happy to be skin to skin during the massage!

Yes, there are two in-home massage options that you can choose from.

A 90 min Postpartum for mama and a 90 min each for mama and partner.

2 weeks – 3 months post birth is the most common time for in office or in home.

You can schedule ahead for 2 or 3 weeks past your due date for your 1st postpartum massage.

Plan 1

(2) 60 minute Postpartum Massages

Schedule the two sessions to help your body recover after giving birth. Anytime after 2 weeks postpartum through 2 years postpartum.

Babies are welcome!

Plan 2

(2) 90 minute Cocoa Bliss Deluxe Mama Spa Treatments

Schedule the two sessions to carve out alone time at the spa. Anytime after 2 weeks postpartum through 2 years postpartum.

No Babies for this session!

3X Mama Massage Package

(3) 75 minutes Prenatal or Postpartum Massages to be enjoyed during her journey into Motherhood. Can be used for all prenatal, postpartum or a combination of! Packages are designed to be used throughout the year and are redeemable at this price point for 1 year from the purchase date.



Ala Carte

Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage will speed recovery and give new moms a confidence boost to make it through the long hours.

= $11500

= $13500

= $15000

Cesarean Recovery Massage

Healing from major surgery takes time and it can help to get some instruction. Massage time includes scar care and a core rehabilitation lesson.

= $11500

= $13500

= $15000

Cocoa Bliss

Warmed shea butter and cocoa butter hot stone massage, followed by a hot blanket wrap and a bit of time to rest

= $16000

In-Home Massage Services

HeatherLyn will be with mama for a 2 hour home visit, during which she will do a full body postpartum table massage. Baby can be snuggled with mama on the table in side-lying, nursing as needed. Mama can also put a robe on and a break can be taken to feed the baby. She will also be doing light belly massage, checking in on the uterus and helping the core re-ignite after delivery. If mama has had a Cesarean section, she can give mama a lesson for scar care. HeatherLyn travels to the greater Boulder area and this treatment can be arranged right after the birth. Weeks 1-4 are the most popular times.

Call or text HeatherLyn to schedule this massage service: (303) 444-0919.

Postpartum Massage House Call



Postpartum Mama + partner Massage House Call




My name is HeatherLyn

I am a massage therapist
A nail tech
Birth Doula
Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula
Mama to 2 daughters
Even after 20 years of prenatal massage experience and witnessing 60 births, I am still amazed at the beauty and power of our bodies.
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