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Prenatal Massage in Boulder

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Babies experience touch in utero as early as seven weeks. Prenatal massage offers moms a chance to connect with their baby and can be a healthy option to manage stress. Current, specialized techniques are applied each trimester to support mom-to-be as her body and baby progress. (Moms can request any trimester, if preferred.)

1st trimester 65 min. $95
2nd trimester 75 min. $105
3rd trimester 90 min. $115

Deluxe Mama Spa Treatments

Baby Bliss

Our Bliss body treatment designed for mamas-to-be.  We start out with a blissful Shea butter Prenatal body massage, followed by a sugar scrub foot treatment.
90 minutes $125

Labor Prep

65 minute Prenatal massage, followed by a mama's reflexology session.
90 minutes $125

Prenatal Massage Facts

Numerous studies conducted have shown that mothers who are massaged regularly in pregnancy are more nurturing, can more easily read their baby's cues and can tolerate the fussiness of infants more easily than those that aren't massaged.  So it doesn't hurt to have your partner give you a massage and/or schedule one with a prenatal massage therapist occasionally throughout your pregnancy.

Constant nurturing of a new baby depletes mom's oxytocin levels (oxytocin = happy,bonding hormone) Postpartum massage helps mamas connect to their own body through nurturing touch and boosts emotional reserves for better connection with their partners.


Mama + Baby

3 prenatal massages
1 postpartum massage
1 lesson in infant massage

4 for 3!

3 prenatal massages
1 complimentary postpartum massage

5 for 4!

3 prenatal massages
1 partner massage
1 complimentary postpartum massage

* all massage sessions are 1 hour


The 4th Trimester

[postpartum massage for perinatal recovery]

Love the Belly

Postpartum massage will speed recovery and give new moms a confidence boost to make it through the long hours. Take care of your new mom with a series of massages that will address back, belly, rib and hip pain.
Three 65 min. sessions $240 or $95 individually

C-Sect Recovery

Healing from major surgery takes time and it can help to get some instruction. Massage time includes scar care and a core rehabilitation lesson.
Three 65 min. sessions $240 or $95 individually

House Calls

A Mellow Mood will come to you. Treat yourself to an in-home massage session. We travel within Boulder County only. This treatment is not available through online booking. Please call or text 303.444.0919.