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Sauna Spa Series

Sauna Session [45 min $35]

Start with a rinse, 2 sauna cycles, another rinse and go!

Hot Massage [90 min $135]

Start with a rinse, then relax in our hot rock heated wooden sauna. Followed by an aroma therapy 60 min massage.

Sauna Session for 2 [60 min $50]

The Sauna bookable for two. Come sauna and relax together. Start with a rinse, 2 Sauna cycles, another rinse and go!

Holistic Body Care

Indulge and quench your body from head-to-toe in our locally made body treatments. Our signature treatments are sure to bring luster back to your tired skin.

Bliss [90 min. $145]

Inspired by truly being spoiled. We start out with a blissful aromatherapy massage, followed by a shea butter body wrap, ending with foot reflexology.

Massage For Your Mellow Mood

For parents, for non-parents. Our massage menu to help manage stress. We encourage our clientele to experience exceptional quality, un-rushed massage therapy. Recapture your mellow mood with massage therapy.

Swedish Massage [60 min. $100]

Swedish massage is designed to energize the body, stimulate circulation, and may help speed healing from injuries. Therapist will use effleurage, kneading, rolling, vibration and tapping techniques during the session.

Deep Tissue [75 min $150]

Your skilled therapist will use deep muscle massage techniques that affect the sublayer of the body’s musculature and fascia. This treatment helps with chronic pain and injury rehabilitation.